Luxury Flooring

  • Integrated floors & cladding
  • Hardwood or composite
  • Aluminium or wooden joists
  • No-screws-installation & invisible fixing with no gaps
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Underfoot comfort, even when barefoot!


HARDWOOD & COMPOSITE DECKING Q: what could be better than a beautiful Tarasola pergola? A: a beautiful Tarasola pergola with integrated luxury decking of course! Whether it’s for a residential property or a commercial venture, our experts will lovingly design and construct your gorgeous hardwood (or composite) decking to give your living space a feeling of genuine handcrafted beauty.

Made by specialist carpenters, we are proud to install premium quality Exterpark and Millboard Decking structures. The invisible fastening system guarantees a seamless surface giving you the quality, looks and comfort of a luxurious indoor floor. Our decking can be installed in the interior of our pergolas to create one contained space, or it can extend beyond the pergola to cover larger outdoor areas, perhaps even out to your hot tub!